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Nestled on the shoreline of Lake Huron in Grand Bend and Bayfield....Sea Jewels & Gecko are your one stop shop for Silver, Decor, Accessories and Clothing. If you find your self at the beach and cruising the main street, drop in....there is always something for everyone! We would like to thank our community for their support and patronage for the last 30 years.

Imported from South
East Asia to you.



Are you open all year round?

We have 3 Sea Jewel stores. 1 downtown in Grand Bend, 1 in Grand Bend on HWY 21 and 1 in Bayfield.​ All of our stores generally run seasonally (May - Sept long weekend). We usually keep our HWY 21 store open until Chirstimas.

We have 1 Gecko Clothing store in Grand Bend, tucked right beside Sea Jewels at 28 Main St. 

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How do I return an item?

We are happy to return any item, unworn and undamaged, with a receipt. Our staff can help determine in-store if this is possible. You can call any one of our locations but it is best that we see the item in person to best help you.


What is your returns policy?

Returns as mentioned above can be made with in 7 days. Anything over 7 days is exchangeable. Anything over 14 days is not returnable. If an item is broken or damaged our staff can determine the best way to help you in-store.

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